A drink with Lavi

Lavi finally showed up at the lounge, an entire hour late. “I’m so sorry hun, I was getting my hair done. Took longer than I thought,” she quickly stated before I could protest. “Mmhhh,  really? You did your hair last week?” I responded. “Yeah but I didn’t like how the salon retouched it. I could hardly comb my hair all week. You know…black girl problems,” she unapologetically said and we both chuckled.

“So, how was your interview with my pal, Markus?” she inquired, lighting up a cigarette.

“It was rather amusing. He seemed shocked by everything I told him. How do you meet him by the way?” I asked as it dawned on me that I had never heard Lavi mention Markus before.

“He’s Patrick’s workmate. We were introduced during one of their work functions,” Lavi said. Patrick was Lavi’s number one sugar daddy. He liked the whole girlfriend experience and would take her out to dinners, movies, parties and lately some of his work-related functions. I met him a few times and liked him. He was much more refined than most of Lavi’s regular clients. Unlike me, Lavi had a lot more bills to pay and responsibilities, so she would end up taking on all kinds of clients.

“How is Patrick? I get the feeling that he’s falling in love,” I said with a cheeky wink. “Oh please,” she chuckled, “he’s nice to everyone. Plus after his divorce, I doubt he’s ready for anything serious,” she said before adjusting her bra to show a little more cleavage. “Mocha, check out that guy seated at the corner,” she whispered and inconspicuously pointed to her right with her cigarette. “That’s more of your type Lavi…..go for it,” I said.

“I know…you are so choosy Mocha. You should loosen up sometimes,” she complained. The guy was a middle aged local (I don’t date locals), with a worn shirt, ordinary watch and his dusty shoes indicated that he may have walked to the lounge or used public transport. At that moment, I was glad I was no longer an escort and that I didn’t see such guys anymore. Nope, I was very content with my Courtesan life.

“Oh well, your loss Mocha. See you later,” Lavi said after about ten minutes of silently flirting with the stranger at the corner. “Ok, take care hun. I should get going anyway. I’m dying to catch up with the latest season of Game of Thrones,” I said with a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh by the way, I’m coming over for a sleepover later tonight. Don’t lock up,” Lavi said as she grabbed her handbag  in one hand and pack of cigarettes in the other. “Alright hun, have fun.” And with that Lavi went over to the mystery man and perched herself upon the bar stool next to him. I asked the bar man to get me a cab and headed back to my apartment.

Being a Courtesan

Every time I tell someone that I am a courtesan, they get that confused look on their face that says, ‘you mean you are a whore!’ No, I am not a whore….well not technically. A modern day courtesan is a seductress who chooses to be with a select few elite men for pleasure. Of course money is involved too. After all, a girl’s gotta eat, right? ; ) Also, unlike the typical hooker/escort, I choose my men very carefully. In fact I am quite choosy about who I want to be with.

You may wonder how I fell into this world. Well, I am not a desperate woman trying to feed her babies or struggling to make ends meet. In fact, I am well educated with a master’s degree and impeccable English. “You could be a manager or something Mocha,” a good friend of mine keeps telling me in vain. But that’s the thing. I don’t want to work a 9-5 job in a drab office building with boring people talking about their families and taxes. No, I would rather travel the world with one of my faithful clients or spend steamy days locked up in my apartment (which I now own, thanks to my favorite ‘John’.

I take a sip from my glass of Merlot while the man I agreed to meet over drinks listens to my brief history. He looks rather bewildered, as expected as he slowly drinks his brandy. ” So, what you are telling me is that you enjoy doing this?” he asks with a curious  look in his eye. “Of course I do. I live for the adventure, luxury and laid back luxury. I don’t ever have to worry about money and certainly don’t have a strict boss breathing down my neck at work. I do what I want, when I want to,” I reply rather condescendingly.

Markus, as he called himself was in the NGO world and apparently writing a report on sex work etc in the region. My friend, Lavi had asked if I could please talk to him. She thought he would have some interesting fodder for his research. I reluctantly agreed, only because Lavi would never shut up about it if I declined.

“Is Lavi also a courtesan?”he inquired. ” No, she’s an escort. A very good one by the way,” I answered with a naughty look in my eyes. He fidgeted a little and nervously downed the rest of his brandy. “You’re a shy one, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” I openly observed.” Well, thank you for your time Mocha. I have what I need for my work,” he said sheepishly. “Sure, no problem. I had plenty of free time today anyway”

He got up and gave me a shaky and brief handshake then left. I continued drinking my wine slowly. Afterall, Lavi was meant to meet me at the same lounge in 30 minutes.